Cảm tác khi nghe bài hát Kỹ Thuật Hành Khúc.




You are from Cao Thang,

I am from Vinh Long,

All of us sharing the same passion.

That is why we belong to this association.


We are like sibling

With all our heart we sing

Coupling with a strong will to act

And put the evil things to the right track.


Armed with technical and vocational backgrounds

You, me and everyone else should sit down

To propose and discuss in order to work out

A plan to turn those bad situations around.


Roll up your blue shirt cuff

The work ahead may be tough

But with a great effort and courage we dedicated

All harmful and sinful things would be eradicated.


Democracy and freedom will return,

Poverty and hunger will be overturned,

Shining and smiling faces will cherish,

Happiness and pleasure for all will sure exist.

VHN – 11/2013
Hội Ái Hữu Liên Trường Kỹ Thuật Việt Nam Úc Châu


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